Meet The Team

We cherish our work and we are very proud of the hands that make the dream work. Meet the team.


Ehis Blaque

Blaque is the hand with the pencil. His designs are deeper than they seem and yet memorable.


Onyinye Ginikanwa

With a keen mind, no written error easily skips Onyinye's notice. Meet our content guru with an eye for details and an extra sense for expression.


Andy Okoekhian

Andy holds his strength in the deployment of ingenious tech solutions to common problems.

Ben profile pix.jpg

Ben Okoekhian

Ben is a unicorn creative who is passionate about people and processes that yield results. 

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Team MasterVibz

Your growth partners to help you do more and be more.


Tony Kamalu

If you need to engage in "critical thinking" warfare, meet Tony whose logical mind is creativity at its best.


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